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DeLCON National Seminar (DNS-2018)

DeLCON National Seminar (DNS-2018) was held on 27th March 2018 (Tuesday) at NBRC auditorium, this program was organized by Dr. D. D. Lal, who was the organizing secretary of this DNS-2018 program. The DNS-2018 program theme was "Role of Libraries & Librarians in Knowledge Society''. The inaugural session was started with lighting the lamp by dignitaries.
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Dr. D. D. Lal (Head & officer in charge for library) has delivered an introductory address and highlighted the objectives of the seminar. Prof. Nihar Ranjan Jana welcomed the audience and participants with welcome speech. The Presidential address was given by Prof. Neeraj Jain (Director, NBRC). The inaugural speech was given by Dr. T. Madhan Mohan (Advisor, DBT), who was a special guest on this ocassion and he described about the Role of Libraries and Librarians in Knowledge Society. There was one keynote speaker and keynote address given by Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur (Director & Library Head, IGNCA) Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur expressed on the topic "Research Support Services and Programmes in New Age Libraries'' There was 3 technical session in this DNS-2018 program.

-: Session -1 :-

The first technical session chaired by Dr. Gulshan Wadhwa (Joint Director, DBT) and there was three speakers in this session. The first speaker was Dr. Suman Mallik who shared his experiences and given his speech. The second speaker Dr. S. Siva Chidambaram given his speech on the topic "Role of Libraries and Librarians in Digital Era". The third Speaker Dr. Lata Suresh given her talk on the topic ''Changing Dimensions of Librarianship and Library Services in Digital Era''

-: Session-2 :-

The second technical session chaired by Dr. R. K Sharma (Librarian, United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan) & there was four speakers in this session. The first speaker was Dr. G. Mahesh who shared his experiences and given his Lecture. The second speaker Dr. Shantanu Gaunguly given her Talk on the topic "Being Knowledge+able". The third speaker Dr. Manorama Tripathi given her presentation on the topic ''Research Support Services in University Libraries: Issues & Challenges''. The fourth speaker Dr. Neeraj Chaurasia given his speech on ''Managing Electronic Resources: Issues Challenge & Opportunities''.

-: Session-3 :-

The third technical session was a panel discussion on "Challenges for Libraries and Librarians" and this session was chaired by Prof. Vengadesan Krishnan (Associate professor, RCB, Faridabad). There was three panellist i.e. Mrs. Prachi Deshpande, Mr. Munesh Kumar & Dr. D.D. Lal, who advocate about the Importance of Libraries and Librarians and Challenges. There was 1 Publisher's i.e. Balani infotech Pvt. Ltd. and he also represents his product during the seminar.

-: Vote of Thanks :-

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This DeLCON National Seminar-2018 (DNS-2018) was Successful
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