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DeLCON: DBT-Electronic Library Consortium

Q.1: What is DeLCON Consortium?
Ans : The DBT's Electronic Library Consortium called as "DeLCON". The 'DeLCON Consortium' has been set up by the DBT to promote the use of electronic databases and full text access to journals by the Research and academic community in the country.

Q.2: Who gets benefit of DeLCON Consortium?
Ans: The Faculties, Scientist, Research Scholars, Students and Project Assistants of Institutions covered under DBT are the primary beneficiaries.

Q.3: Who pays for E-subscription under DeLCON Consortium?
Ans: DBT sponsored the entire expenses for DBT organizations for providing e-Journals access through 'DeLCON Consortium'.

Q.4: What is the subject coverage of 'DeLCON consortium'?
Ans: The DeLCON Consortium covers all the disciplines and subjects coming under Life Sciences i.e. Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biology,Chemical Biology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Plant Genome, Plant Biology, Microbiology, Physiology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Genome, Gene, Gentics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Radiology, Medicines, Computational Biology, Cell Biology & Cell Sc., Molecular Biology, Molicular & Cellular Biology, Veterinary Science, Computational Neuroscience, System Neuroscience etc.

Q.5: How does this consortium operate?
Ans: The DBT Institutions have been funded for connectivity under DeLCON and will have network connectivity. Individual Institutions will then have unique Static IP address through which access is given by the publishers for which subscriptions made. However entire programme will be Administered, monitored and maintained by DeLCON Nodal Centre (NBRC).

Q.6: Who decides the journals for subscription under consortium?

Ans: A list of journals and databases are compiled by NBRC based on the requirement sent by the faculty through their libraries. Based on this requirement, DeLCON Committee identifies the potential resources of scholarly nature time to time and recommend for subscription under DeLCON Consortium.

Q.7: Where can I get the list of journals / databases covered under the DeLCON consortium?
Ans: The list of journals covered in the scheme is updated from time-to-time and is available on the DeLCON Website i.e.

Q.8: How can I get the full text access to journals subscribed under DeLCON consortium?
Ans : Full text Access to Journals can be had either directly visiting the publisher site or through the Bibliographic databases. Many of the Bibliographic databases will have facility to browse the publications or search as per your query.

Q.9 : How can I get the full text copy of the journals, which are not subscribed under DeLCON E-Journals consortium?
Ans: Though many journals are being considered for subscription under consortium, copies of articles from many other titles which are not subscribed under the consortium may be obtained from any participating library through 'Document Delivery Service' by sending the request.

Q.10: When can I expect to have access to Journals and Databases under DeLCON?
Ans: The access to all these resources being subscribed are made available to 34 DBT Centers. The DeLCON has extended 1st phase for 16 DBT institutions in January 2010.

Q.11: How long DeLCON subscription would last?
Ans : Initially the resources subscribed under the DeLCON Consortium subscription would be available for three years (from 2009-2011) and further has been extended for the five Years (2012-2016) and after review it could be extended further.

Q.12 : Whom do I contact for more information on DeLCON consortium?
Ans: You may contact DeLCON Coordinator & Administrator for further details.


Dr. D.D. Lal (Ph.D, M.Phil, MLISc, BLISc, B.Sc. Math Hons., PGDJMC, APGDCA, CIC)
(DeLCON Coordinator & Administrator)
DBT's Electronic Library Consortium
(Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)
Department of Biotechnology (DBT),
NBRC, NH-8, Manesar
Distt. - Gurgaon, Haryana. India.
Pincode - 122 050.
Phone : +91-124-2845229
Tele/Fax : +91-124-2338909 (Direct)
Email : ddlal[dot]delcon[at]nic[dot]in, nbrc[dot]delcon[at]nic[dot]in


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