Department of Biotechnology [DBT], Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India


DeLCON: DBT-Electronic Library Consortium

DBT e-Library Consortium (DeLCON) is a unique Electronic Journal Consortium which is operational since January 2009. Currently the Consortium includes 17 DBT Institutions including ICGEB, New Delhi and 18 North Eastern Region (NER) Institutions. The Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), New Delhi is also part of DeLCON. Now, the total 'DeLCON Members' are 35. A total of approx 1000 selective Journals. These all are accessible by the DeLCON Consortium Members through the DeLCON Portal ( Others can also view and access abstracts of papers as free of costs.


The Objectives of the DeLCON are :

  • To Promote better, faster and more cost-effective ways of providing information resources to the officials at the consortia member institutions.
  • To avoid duplication of subscription of Journals and E-resources and promote the rational use of funds by the consortia members.
  • To ensure continuous subscription of e-resources and availability of these to the scientists working at the consortia member institutions.
  • Better rates and terms for purchase of electronic journals
  • Availability of a larger spectrum of journals to the DBT Institutions with lesser costs.


  • To strengthen library resources and services and co-operation and communication amongst the member libraries.
  • To strengthen the pooling, sharing and electronically accessing the library resources.
  • To provide access to worldwide literature to users.
  • To nucleate the culture of electronic access resulting into evolution of digital libraries.
  • Efficient interlibrary loan system between the member institutions .
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