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DeLCON: DBT-Electronic Library Consortium

DeLCON National Workshop (DNW-2017)

DeLCON National Workshop (DNW-2017) was held on 23rd June 2017 (Friday) at NBRC auditorium, this program was organized by Dr. D. D. Lal (DeLCON Coordinator), who was the organizing secretary of this DNW-2017 program. The DNW-2017 program theme was "Strengthening Open Access Initiatives in India''. The inaugural session was started with lighting the lamp by dignitaries.
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Prof. Neeraj Jain (Chairperson, Library Committee) welcomed the audience and participants with a welcome speech. The inaugural address was given by Prof. K. Vijay Raghvan (Secretary, DBT), who was a special guest on this occasion but due to busy schedules & meeting at DBT, he was unable to reach at NBRC and he address the audience through Skype. Prof. B. Ravindran (DeLCON Chairperson) & Prof. Subrata Sinha (Director, NBRC) also addressed the audience with their blessings. Dr. T. Madhan Mohan (Adviser, DBT) has delivered an introductory address and highlighted the objectives & usefulness of the workshop and also shared his experience about DeLCON Consortium. Special address was given by Dr. Jagdish Arora (Director, INFLIBNET). The keynote address was also given by Dr. Jagdish Arora (Director, INFLIBNET). Dr. Jagdish Arora expressed on the topic "Open Access Initiatives at the INFLIBNET Centre'' There was 3 technical session in this DNW-2017 program.

-: Session -1 :-

The first speaker Dr. Suman Mallik given his speech on the topic "Open Access: How to deal with Roadblocks and Spead-breakers". The second speaker Dr. Alok Khode given his talk on the topic "Central Platform for Institutional Repositories-Case Studies of CSIR Central and Science Central Platforms".

-: Session-2 :-

The first speaker Dr. Mukesh Pund given his Lecture on the topic "Open Source and Open Access Initiatives at CSIR NISCAIR". The second speaker Dr. Lata Suresh given her talk on the topic "Institutional Repository: Benefits and Challenges in India with Special Reference to Rajasthan".

-: Session-3 :-

The first speaker Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur given his Lecture on the topic "Using Deep Web Search Engines for Academic and Scholary Research". The second speaker Dr. S. Siva Chidambaram given his talk on the topic "Open Access Movement in Medical Sciences Journals: A Bird Eye View". There was 4 Publisher's i.e. iGroup / Balani infotech Pvt. Ltd., Elseiver, Thieme & Clarivate Analytics and they also represented their product during the workshop and also demonstrated their products.

-: Vote of Thanks :-

was given by Dr. D. D. Lal

This DeLCON National Workshop-2017 (DNW-2017) was Successful.
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